Driveway Sealing

Our Company also provide other services, Landscaping, Concrete Side Walks, Paving, Walk Ways, Stone Walls, Patios, Belgian Blocks Installation, Aprils, Fall cleanup, Power Washing, Deck Stains, Painting, Snow Plow.

Our company use only the highest quality products the industry has to offer, providing our customers with quality service and complete personal attention at a fair price.

Pro-Sealer's provides all of your asphalt repairs and pavement maintenance needs.

We use our experience and the latest equipment available to get the job done right the first time in a timely, cost effective manner. We have the resources and experience too effectively, efficiently and economically provide those services. 


Our Services can protect your asphalt investment and increase the esthetic value of your home. Not only does our blacktop sealer extend the life of your pavement, it beautifies it, as well. Properly maintain your pavement and keep it looking its best by having asphalt sealer applied to it every two to three years.


The Products we use are The Best Sealer Products on the market, it can take 8 to 18 hours to dry, competitions sealer takes approximately 24 to 48 hours to dry. 

100% Commercial Grade Asphalt Sealers (sand mix) designed to protect and penetrate the asphalt surface for optimal protection and rejuvenation.
Lasts and looks beautiful for 3 years.
Non Flammable.
These Asphalt Sealers can be Sprayed with a Spray System or applied with a sealer brush. We have a powerful Sealing Equipment Spray, makes the sealer penetrating in the very small cracks. All our residential work is done by hand, brushing the entire driveway.


Commercial Sealcoating: We work on weekends and nights for better serve you, we offer a very competitive price and the best work possible, also we provide lines striping at same day off work, we care about your business and always do our best to complete the job and do not disturb your business operation.



For Residential driveway sealing work, we do not required deposit, but we do expect a full payment soon all the work is done. 

For Commercial Sealcoating and builders, All Manson and Paving work, we require 50% deposit and final payment when all work is completed.

We only accept Cash or Check. Please make check to Pro Sealers LLC.

In Case of client require W9, it should be informed before we do the estimate.


Crack Filling: We use hot rubberized tar to fill cracks, applying black beauty sand over tar, looks nice and don't get stick on summer days.

For commercial Crack Filling we offer $ 0,95 cents for linear foot off crack, included cleaning, material and labor.

We have the best hot pour crack filling system available on the market today.

100% Commercial grade rubberized asphalt crack sealer designed to fill cracks and seal out water and ice, Lasts and looks beautiful.
Dries in 1 hour.
Non Flammable below 400 degrees F.